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Relieved and happy customer

.The Peugeot 207CC turned up on the forecourt. We heard the car before we had seen the customer. There was an horrendous noise coming from the engine. The customer thought the engine had given up. A quick check revealed that the crankshaft vibration pulley had broken up. New pulley and belt fitted and phone call to the relieved customer. It makes the job worthwhile sometimes.

More Danger

The picture shows the rear axle on a 2000 Vauxhall Zafira. The rear axle mounting bracket has completely corroded away and allowed the axle to become totally detached. The other side was also badly corroded. New parts on order so another busy day tomorrow. We have had hundreds of these vehicles through the workshop over the years but first time that we have seen this fault.

Skoda Fabia No Drive

The Skoda Fabia was recovered into the workshop this morning. The symptoms reported were a loud noise followed shortly after by a loss of drive. The diagnosis was very easy. On inspection it was found that the CV joint had sheared very cleanly into the hub. I have never seen this fault before in over 25 years repairing cars. New CV joint and gaiter fitted and the vehicle soon back onto the road. Nothing surprises me any more.

MOT Horror Story

The photo shows the inner sidewall of a car presented for MOT test today.The vehicle in question was a high powered Nissan 350Z. The vehicle is up and down to London on a weekly basis. This just goes to show the importance of the annual MOT Test. Very recently the Government were trying to limit the MOT test to every three years.....Absolute Madness.
Front brake pads were very nearly worn out and replaced and also rear brakes were replaced. New wiper blades were also fitted. Vehicle now roadworthy and ready for the M6 on Monday morning.

Nissan XTrail 2.2DCI

The Nissan X Trail limped into the workshop closely followed by its owner. He was complaining of complete lack of power. How right he was, i was surprised he had managed to get here. A quick check of the fault codes revealed no stored faults. Live data checks revealed a fault with the accelerator pedal sensor. At a cost of £440 plus VAT we really needed to be certain. Further checks with the scope showed a breakdown. New pedal fitted and the vehicle would now go through the rev range and drive.

Chrysler 300C Broken Down

2nd June 2013. Interesting but costly job. A Chrysler 300c was recovered into the workshop by Mansfield Recovery. The vehicle had lost power and broken down on the busy A500. First check was to plug in and read all data which revealed lots of fault codes. These were noted and erased. Further checks revealed the in tank fuel pump was not running. Fuses checked and one found blown. Fuse replaced and the vehicle started. On roadtest is was found to be under powered. After lots of checks, the fault pointed towards the swirl flap actuator motor. This is simply an actuator that operates two sets of flaps in the inlet manifolds. Next problem...the turbo needs to be removed to access the actuator. Once removed the fault became apparent, the oil had leaked from the turbo oil pipe into the actuator and blown the fuse. New actuator fitted,modified turbo gasket fitted,glow plugs checked and faulty ones replaced and new fuel filter fitted. Now running fantastic.....just got to sort the invoice out now.